The signs are staring you in the face.

words i like you on white brick wall in different colours
words i like you on white brick wall in different colours
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Often, we have these relationships where we are not 100 percent sure if the other person really really likes us.

Maybe we only met them recently. Or we’ve known them for a while in one context, such as work, but then we started seeing them as friends or maybe we went on a date with them. Maybe things went hot and cold and hot again.

Maybe they are our new boss and while they are nice enough, you just don’t know if they are like that with everyone else anyway.

Do they…

Because of you, I am about to watch My Little Pony on Netflix

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Dear Emma, if I remember your name right. Could have been Emily I suppose, and I am sorry if I got it wrong. You deserve better. But, we knew eachother very briefly, a long time ago, in a lifetime that seems like it belonged to someone else.

You were such a sweet and well behaved child.

I wish we could have spent more time together, but as you know, your brother Craig (is it Craig?, it’s not Greg, that’s the older one, I think?) …

We need to overhaul the way humans live the way Tesla overhauled the way cars are made.

young woman holding an umbrella appearing to be lifted in the air
young woman holding an umbrella appearing to be lifted in the air
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This Globe is Not Big Enough for All of Us

We’ve all heard that global human population is growing fast and past the point of sustainability. However, it is difficult to make that information relevant to one’s own individual life. Like, who cares Bill, I’ve got to put a wash on before the next Zoom meeting starts and the cat has just vomited on the carpet. Again.

Even so, we know that what we do in our every day mundanity makes a difference - otherwise the recycling programs wouldn’t exist and nobody would…

Tales of the Forgotten Self Part 2

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Document everything but make sure you do it right. Facts, not feelings — unless it’s a personal journal where anything goes. Notes that are vague, unspecific, lacking in time stamps and context won’t be taken seriously by others.

In the workplace, the employer holds all the cards and the internet is awash with guides and examples of how to document employee behaviour so as to easier catch them out and get rid of them.

But, employers behave badly too. Managers, supervisors, team members — all can make your life a living hell. …

Tales of the Forgotten Self Part 1

Woman’s hand writing in a notebook, sitting on a grass, wearing blue skinny jeans
Woman’s hand writing in a notebook, sitting on a grass, wearing blue skinny jeans
Person Writing on White Paper -

There is a lot of writing advice out there.

What I have learned over the years is that what resonates with you will find you in the form that works for you and that sources and forms of the advice you resonate with will change from one period of your life to another. Today it might be Khalil Gibran, tomorrow, it could be Neil Gaiman.

One of the earliest books on writing that had a profound influence on me was Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg. My mother…

Thank you for this! You gave me the courage to pick a pen name for myself. I really like it!

we need a new word for advocating for oneself whilst being any kind of woman without being abusive or even raising one's voice

A Strong, Smart, Kind and Not here for your nonsense lady.

A Michelle perhaps?

Making a small shift in perspective can help change an entire outlook and reveal hidden options

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There is a man-made mound near the nature walk in my neighborhood that I’ve only recently visited. It’s not very high, perhaps as tall as a two-story house. The mound is just a heap of earth overgrown with grass and the top is a flat disc covered in scraggly weeds and dirt but the view is surprising. All the paths below are laid out in a way that cannot be seen from the ground level.

Coming up to the mound I had an option…

As ever, you bring a balanced and nuanced commentary to a highly polarising narrative.

People often seek a shortcut to apportion blame in these circumstances, but whatever the motive, it is guns to blame. Sadly, whoever is making money from selling weapons is not open to friendly persuasion about changing their business model.

The Spoons Are Gone Too Soon and They Took All The Words With Them

Today is not a good day — I’ve run out of spoons even before the day began.

First, I couldn’t wake up for pain. This happens sometimes, I can hear the cat meowing urgently, but my body hurts too much to move or even gain full consciousness. All I can do is lay there helpless, drifting in and out of sleep, hoping to emerge into the world at some point.

Nobody understands how uncomfortable and downright painful it feels to just be alive on days like this.

Everything hurts to some degree.

Old wounds and scars, inside and outside, emotional…

Starfish Wonderlast

Formerly a safe pair of hands in administrative domains across many university departments. Writing quirkily about overcoming life's challenges.

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